Corporate & Team Day Retreats up to 24 people


Corporate & Team Day Retreats

Re-energise your workplace through a proven range of workshops and activities to help your team feel safe, secure, efficient and effective while enjoying their work.

We will show you the simplest way to access your divine self in the workplace, get along with others easily, feel strong, confident and successful.

When all the participants are feeling amazing we will bring the team together with core values and common goals to ensure the team is supportive, cohesive and driven.

Experience a fully customisable retreat for your small team. This retreat is ideal for 17 to 24 people.

The corporate / team day retreat includes the following components that are customisable to your business :

  • Discovery conversation about your goals, your people and team culture prior to the day.
  • Guided Power Meditation.
  • Workshop on overcoming the mind – Vulnerability exercise.
  • Identify your TRIGGERS and adjust your thinking.
  • Move big emotions out and feel good about your work, customers and colleagues.
  • Claiming our core values as a powerful team.
  • Morning tea and a healthy delicious lunch.
  • Light yoga and a pampering exercise.
  • Positive affirmations to finish the day on a high.
  • Delivered by four professional facilitators.
  • The days following the retreat the organiser will receive a report with feedback, observations as well as suggested future actions to keep the culture alive, positive and the team engaged so you can successfully achieve your goals.

You will see a significant difference in productivity, team work, culture and engagement following this retreat.


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