Love, it’s kind of important

What does the word love mean to you?  Is it that feeling of holding someone you love close to you or random delicious moments of pure humanity – a caught cheeky smile, the sight of your children’s eye-lashes laying on their cheek while sleeping, or breathing in the ocean as you paddle out to meet the waves.


We all see and feel love differently and as the years go by, I am beginning to notice that the major thing that hurts us is the gap between what we think love should be and the way the world delivers it to us.  For me I am finding that where I once expected a dramatic passionate entangled version of love, these days love is infinitely more peaceful and found in moments of stillness.  When I detach from words, from talk, from noisy screens, I feel a wave of this love vibrate through me. After living so much of my life trying to fit in as many words as possible into each and every conversation, finding stillness dropped me to my knees.

I had a wonderful Master Practitioner who guided me through my training many years ago as a craniosacral therapist.  This particular therapy is about holding a deep listening space with others with pure focused intention on unconditional acceptance and love of the being you are working with so that they find their own version of healing.  The practice came out of the Osteopathic tradition, where one day a century ago, a famous therapist realised that he didn’t actually have to manipulate and move people’s bones for healing to begin.  If the body was supported with the expectation of health and calm, often it was smart enough to explore a journey towards health by itself. This work has taught me more about the unique sweetness of humans and love than I could ever have understood from my wordy world before.

Listen and Silent are spelled with the same letters.  When you meet another with your open heart, your listening ears and your gentle eyes, souls meet in a vulnerable and loving space. This special sacred space is not reserved for a select few but for all you encounter.  I have found that loving the grumpy coffee shop girl to the garage attendant creates positive interrupts in people’s lonely existence and helps people remember that at their core, they matter.  Most people need to know that and remember that we are all connected by this mad river called love.


We are here such a short time. It’s a fragile existence this life. Death is a taboo topic, yet age sneaks up on us all fast and furiously and before you know it you are counting your days in Christmases. Nothing is a given, especially now where nothing is as it once was.

Be Love. That is the only truth. Nobody you meet is separate from you. Science is now meeting spirituality and tells us that in the smallest parts of us they can measure (string) we are no different energetically from trees, from the sea, from a rock. We are all made from the same stuff. We are family being thrown around in space on a spinning rock.

Our real enemy to love is living a separated mind-based delusion, the constant search for safety in an aggressive constantly changing world. None of this is real when you know the truth.  When you take your first few moments of each morning to recognise what you have to be grateful for, what is beautiful and what is your heart’s truth. This is how you feel fully alive, fully human.

My heart aches for those who have not found their heart’s gift – their purpose in life.  For this is where your love can be most deeply expressed. My work as an Intuitive Therapist lifts me into an everyday explosion of love.  I see hardened souls, the most tortured souls, the ones who have done ‘bad’ things or have had horrors happen to them, remember in the quiet, that at their core they are worthy, beautiful, vulnerable and love. In that sweetness, they often remember that there was always something they were called to do or experience, and I have seen many a gentle soul over the years become brave enough to leave accountancy for a gardening business or modelling for teaching kids yoga. We are happiest when we are doing something we love especially if it helps others feel good too.

Forgiveness is the essence of the work in this being a human business. How lightly you can let go of the hurts that come for you is the portal to freedom. Holding onto pain that latches like concrete to our hearts, minds and bodies is the root of what causes disease and despair in so many of us. This concrete is the root cause for war on our planet and causes us to lose our humanity.  Most days, as I sit with people and we uncover the hook that is pulling them to a past person or moment in time that caused damage, there is this magical moment when they realise that they are about to let it go for GOOD. It’s like watching a cold wind run over trees at the top of a great mountain, they stop.. and wait.. in an infinitesimal moment, and then, just when I wonder if they will let it go, a smile runs across their face as they begin to feel a sense of coming freedom. As they release the old story, often what follows is the deepest of sighs of relief and more often than not a few tears and amazed smiles. We have the medicine within us to find love.

If you can spare some time for yourself right now to lay back, close your eyes and listen along, I welcome you to enjoy the guided meditation below. The focus of this class is helping you to let go of old feelings and challenges you no longer need. Taking a long deep breath is a wonderful way to soothe the mind. 


If you are reading this and feel you need some more sweetness in your own world, I invite you to take a quick moment to write down 10 things in your life that are good. Just the practice of doing this, turns a bit more love on in your mind.  It’s hard for our brain to feel sorry for itself and grateful at the same time.  Turn the balance to noticing what is lovely around you and you will see more lovely in the days ahead.

Hugs to you where-ever you are out there


V xx

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