Wellness Retreat Gold Coast

Feels Amazing is about you making space for you. By making space, you can calm your mind, detox your body and improve the way you feel about your life.  Then you can love your life again.

We often carry around hurt, pain and stories from our families, our heritage and our life that are no longer serving us. On a Feels Amazing Retreat you will be able to start removing the physical and emotional weight you have been carrying around. You will begin to feel lighter, free, more positive and more capable. 

Feeling amazing about who you are, what you look like and having that carry through every aspect of your  life. 

Try our wellness retreat on the Gold Coast today.

You know it’s true you are the lighthouse for your family. You are the one who makes sure no boats crash into the rocks. 

But it’s been hard lately.The bulb is burning out. IT”S TIME! You must reset, refuel and get your glow back.


Our wellness retreats on the Gold Coast are always in luxury accommodation. This provides a beautiful space in which to unwind, rejuvenate and bring healing to your body and mind.

Why do we fast?

Today we live an office to coffee to wine to Netflix life, grabbing manufacturer convenient food which has little to no nutritional value. How about becoming human again and feeling good? 

What do we eat?

We choose only organic fruits and vegetables from one of Australia’s oldest organic farms – Freeman’s Farm – food grown locally with great care from rich alluvial soil on ancient Tomewin Mountain on the Gold Coast/NSW border. 

What our customers are saying

I came on this retreat because I was feeling lost, I felt like I had lost the life I had. I was all over the place, could burst into tears any moment and I was very unhappy.

I have learnt so much this weekend about resilience, that I am more worthy than I give myself credit for. Tools to keep calm and not rage when things don’t go right. 

I am going home with a big fat smile on my face and can’t wait to see my family and share the new me

Kelly C – Nov 2020

More Retreat Dates

Do you struggle with thoughts and feelings around any or all of these things?

  • Weight
  • Ageing
  • Relationships
  • Your relationship with excess food and wine
  • Feeling lost at work or not having a purpose
  • Low on energy 

You know you want to feel better, feel stronger, more resilient under pressure. The Feels Amazing Retreat is transformative. It’s designed to provide positive and lasting change for you.

We have designed the retreat to feel nurturing, safe and restful while also working on removing the roadblocks in your life in a calm, peaceful way that will be long lasting.

Our wellness retreat on the Gold Coast experience:

  • Deep internal cleanse
  • Heal you organs
  • Gentle yoga and meditation.
  • A safe and luxurious environment. 
  • 60 minute therapeutic massage
  • Learn powerful secrets to de- ageing and feeling good again.
  • Workshops to help you remove the obstacles and past challenges that are holding you back
  • Tools to navigate life’s demands, that really work!
  • Time to relax and soak in the pool. 
  • Time for you to rest and reflect.
The transformative approach covers three specific areas of you. 
  1. Physical – Clean up your body with a cell regenerating detox.
  2. Emotional – Remove those heavy hand brakes to free your heart FOR GOOD!
  3. Mental – Rediscover your mental strength and resilience to handle anything and everything life throws at you.

Dump those negative stories from your past once and for all! Feel Amazing again.
We are here to take you through this journey.
You need this. Are you ready?

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