Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink coffee on retreat?

The aim of the retreat is to detox your system from stress chemicals and manufactured nasties. Coffee activates cortisol in the body, a key stress hormone. We advise our retreaters to slowly cut back their intake of coffee in the two weeks preceding the retreat. On retreat there will be herbal teas, kombucha and coconut water offered.

If I’m not eating is that safe?

Fasting for 72 hours has been well researched to not only be incredibly safe but profoundly effective for cleaning up the immune system, transforming chromosomes, dropping adipose fat and many more health benefits. It is not recommended for people under 20 years, pregnant or breastfeeding women or those with diabetes or other health conditions where your doctor has expressly prohibited fasting.

Can I have my phone on?

Yes, of course you can. However a total disconnect will help your healing and relaxation. This retreat is about you and in your busy world it is rare to take time out to do a deep dive into your healing.  Letting your friends and family know you won’t be available except for emergencies, and stepping away from constant interruptions will give you that time and you will not regret it! Our retreaters tell us this is one of the most powerful experiences for them to free their minds and bodies.

Why do we Fast?

Please head to our food & fasting page for all the information and some interesting articles on why we fast.

What if I don’t cope with fasting? What then?

If your facilitators see that you need support at any stage of the fasting weekend day or night they are available to support you. If you have low energy, they will bring in coconut water and other electrolytes to perk you up! We have had people in their 90s with serious health conditions do extremely well in the fasting environment and this is a tried and tested way to bring deep healing in your body. 

What does it feel like to fast?

Day one is more of “missing” the activity of eating rather than being hungry.  Eating becomes a very real habit for us and taking some time out from constant munching which is usual for us can feel a bit strange but very empowering knowing the health benefits.  On our retreats, we keep ourselves busy doing some wonderful activities and experiences in those usual meal times to keep us occupied which is very helpful.  

Day Two you can feel tired and have more of a desire for rest and slowing down – this is due to the body activating and cleaning up the immune and nervous systems and so the body naturally craves rest.  During this day we honour this with more calming activities, massage, rest, meditation, and healing.

Day Three there is a sense of euphoria when the Feast meal is eaten in the morning.  Food has never tasted so good and you have a whole new appreciation of food and beverages. Fasting is an incredible way to free yourself from mindless eating and drinking.

My friends and family think that fasting is a weird idea - what do I tell them?

There is a plethora of studies on the power of fasting for incredible health and wellbeing.  Fasting for 72 hours once a year is one of the most supportive ways you can take control of your body health and do a spring clean on your internal chemistry and cells.  Expect to come back to your friends and family feeling inspired, empowered, clear minded and fresh after your fast.

Other than the physical weight loss what does fasting offer for emotional and mental health?

For thousands of years, humans have fasted to gain insight and spiritual wisdom.  When the body is not constantly processing and digesting it is able to not only clean up misbehaving cells and fat, it also changes your dream state and your ability to sense, feel and know more about how you are really feeling. Many of our retreaters report incredible dreams particularly on Day Two of the fast. Veronica Farmer one of your facilitators is an expert in Dream Analysis and the wisdom gained during the fast is truly enlightening. Our past retreaters share how they are able to not only recognise some of their emotional roadblocks and lay them down, but heal deep and even decades old trauma while in the fasting environment in the care of our professional support team.

What if I find that healing my emotions while fasting makes me emotional?

Well, if that is the case for you – then Good!  On this profound Detox & Heal fasting retreat, as you discover and uncover old challenges that are holding you back, you might just have some emotional moments. This is healing and often necessary. Just as there is always sunlight after a storm, clearing out the emotional cupboards enables newness and possibility to return to a greater state of mind.  Our retreaters celebrate those moments as they are held by a safe and caring facilitation team guiding you always to a more positive and uplifting outlook. 

What do I bring on retreat?

Water bottle, super comfy clothing, yoga mat, yoga gear, soft blanket, a warm cardigan or jacket, a book that is uplifting, swimmers and if you have a pillow you really like then feel free to bring your own.  Everything else is provided on retreat at the retreat mansion.

What’s included?

Magnificent accommodation at the retreat mansion Gold Coast, all beverages and retreat food upon completion of the fast, (including spring water that is fluoride and nasties free, herbal teas, coconut water, kombucha), art therapy, guided meditation, yoga, tai chi, personalised healing session with Veronica Farmer worth $189, full body massage worth $140, all workshops and workbook (emotional healing, learning how to dive into your intuitive power, letting go of the past, learning how to conquer your triggers and so much more!) You will also be gifted a crystal pendulum when you learn the ancient art of divining. 

Can I pay off my retreat?

Absolutely. Let us help you have this extraordinary experience in a way that suits your budget. Email [email protected] to find out how

How will I feel after the retreat?

Excited, uplifted and ready to conquer the world.  You will have a reduced interest in mindless eating, drinking and may have a new empowered relationship with not sitting in stress and drama.  You will notice your language to yourself and a shift in your relationships with others. Our retreaters share that the impact of the retreat is long term and is continual. Many of our retreaters book in with us once a year to continue their journey into health and healing.

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