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Veronica Farmer (left) and Sarah Colgate (right)

Veronica Farmer

Veronica is an experienced intuitive healer, craniosacral therapist, psycho-hypnotherapist, retreat facilitator, best selling Amazon author and speaker.
With 17 years experience in helping people let go of fear, stress, negative emotions, anxiety and other obstacles . Veronica has given thousands of people greater clarity, purpose and helps them to live fuller more rewarding lives.
Veronica is a mother of three and lives on the Gold Coast where she runs a thriving healing clinic.

Read more information about Veronica, https://veronicafarmerhealer.com.au

Sarah Colgate

Sarah is a mindset genius with the unique ability to help others see authentic truth in themselves, in their families and in their career.
As the owner of the iconic and successful Aquaduck Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast businesses Sarah has become a voice of tourism, small business, unity and healing.
Sarah lives with her husband and two children on the Gold Coast.

Read more information about Sarah including her blog https://sarahcolgate.com.au/

Our Story


As mothers and business women, we understand the unique challenges women and men face in trying to do it all. We want to do it all but we also need the tools and support to ensure we don’t run ourselves into the ground doing it. 

Over many cups of herbal tea and a few glasses of wine, we developed a weekend retreat that will address all the issues we face as women, men, mothers, fathers, business owners or professionals. We looked at what we can do physically, mentally and emotionally to deeply support the life we want to live. 

Veronica: 17 years ago, I was a burnt out mother / stressed business woman on the fast track to exiting this life. The constant mouse wheel of stress I was on destroyed my body and created cancer.  I had to survive and sought out every possible option to heal and cure myself. Within weeks I was cured and pregnant.  I will share this wisdom and show you how to protect your body and take ownership over your health and well being. 

Sarah: 15 years ago, I had a mental and emotional breakdown. I felt empty inside.  I had everything I could have ever wished for but i just couldn’t work out what was “wrong” with me. I spent months looking for a physical problem. There was nothing. 

Then one day a friend at work introduced me to a counsellor, someone who showed me what was missing was me, my presence in my own life. I was so focused on the outside world the gaping hole in my heart was me not knowing how to live and how to enjoy my life. Over the next 10 years I worked on myself, identifying the tools I needed to deal with life and my own thinking, relinquishing my role as chief head controller and learning how to live and love. 

Our own journeys and that of the people who surround us gave us the experience, knowledge and desire to join forces and create a positive, transformational experience.

Sarah & Veronica
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